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Be Amazed. Be Inspired. BKreativ

Our BKreativ Platform is designed to deliver uniquely brilliant content via photo, video, design and creative writing, using relevant marketing channels for our clients.

Thanks to our 20 years international experience across a wide range of sectors, we can match this brilliant creativity with commercial sense, delivering genuine results…with proven return on your investment.

We deliver edgy, engaging alternative approaches to social media platforms, TV, Radio web and printed marketing.

In 2015 Galway had Storm Desmond bring the full force of the Atlantic ocean to town. Famously, RTE’s Teresa Mannion reported on the dangers of taking “unnecessary journeys” and advising people “don’t go into the sea!” The report that went viral worldwide, and Teresa became an overnight celebrity, now synonymous with weather!

To achieve coverage for COPE Galway’s annual Christmas Swim fundraiser, our BKreativ team brought Teresa in to deliver a quick parody of her report.  And on this occasion, Teresa would encourage people to take that journey, and indeed…”DO go into the sea for COPE Galway this Christmas Day!”

With minimal investment, the video received 80,000 views on Facebook with a reach of over 250,000.  It also achieved a further 40,000 Youtube views and gained substantial traction on Twitter which led to local and national publications such as the Connacht Tribune and covering it.


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